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The 20-year-old son of judge Esther Salas was killed in the attack on Sunday

Police Commissioner Bereswill sees the riots as "absolute, negative climax" the past few weeks. "It is very bad what has developed there and discharged tonight"said Bereswill.

At around 3 a.m., police said there was a fight at the fountain on Opernplatz, in which 25 to 30 people were involved. At that time, around 500 to 800 people were still gathered on the Opernplatz. "The mood began to change"said Bereswill. In the fight, a person was injured on the ground. Then about ten officials decided to intervene, "to care for the injured and to settle the dispute". Those involved in the brawl would then have turned against the officers and they "solid" pelted with bottles. Bystanders would have joined them.

Those present cheered when a bottle hit the officials. "In terms of quality, but also in terms of number, this is something that I have not yet experienced in Frankfurt", so Bereswill. The police formed two chains and pushed people off the square into a street. Suspected bottle throwers were arrested there. The officers were attacked, Bereswill spoke of one "Hail from thrown bottles".

With the exception of one woman, those arrested were all men between the ages of 17 and 23, the police said. Initially, the investigators had given the age of those involved with 17 to 21 years. Nine came from Frankfurt, the remaining 30 from the area.

"The exact status of the persons, with regard to whether they are German or non-German and to what extent they have a migration background or whether they may be asylum seekers, is still open"said the Frankfurt police chief Gerhard Bereswill. "But what I can already say based on looking at the entire list: It is mainly men with a migration background, mainly with a migration background."

One of the men got "acts very outstanding" and responsible for more than 20 bottle throws. Bereswill said that he had animated others with it. Frankfurt’s Lord Mayor Peter Feldmann (SPD) also condemned the attacks. "Those involved must be held accountable immediately"wrote Feldmann on Sunday on Twitter. He also called for the police to be present at such "Hot spots" to increase. AfD parliamentary group leader Alice Weidel called on Twitter: "It must finally be taken consistently."

The domestic policy spokesman for the AfD parliamentary group, Gottfried Curio, said: "After Stuttgart now Frankfurt: The lack of clear reaction after the Stuttgart Night of Violence became a charter for further ones "Party mood" Understood. He spoke of so-called "Migrant crime". The parliamentary director of the CSU regional group in the Bundestag, Stefan Müller, tweeted: "Frankfurt is the afterparty to Stuttgart. To come to terms with it now belongs to the clear naming of the causes – a failed integration and the denial of grievances by left elites."

Frankfurt’s security department chief Markus Frank (CDU) was dismayed: "I am stunned that police officers are deliberately attacked when they want to help a person."

According to Frank, further measures should be discussed at a security conference on Monday morning. In the past few weeks, the opera square at the Alte Oper in Frankfurt, which is considered noble, has become an open-air"Party zone" developed.

Berggießhübel (dpa) – 31 migrants were discovered in a fully loaded refrigerated truck during a control on Autobahn 17 in Saxony on the Czech-German border.

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A spokesman for the federal police said it was exclusively men between the ages of 18 and 47 who, according to initial findings, came from Turkey, Syria, Iran and Iraq. The 57-year-old driver from Turkey was arrested after the inspection on Tuesday evening and is to be brought before a judge.

According to the Federal Police, the space in the hold was very tight. "The truck was completely full of melon boxes. The men could only lie on the boxes and had only about three feet of space from the ceiling", explained Martin Ebermann from the Federal Police Inspectorate Berggießhübel. According to an initial medical examination, the men are doing well under the circumstances. For the interviews you are in the offices of the Federal Police.

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How long the men were cooped up in the truck, where they got in and what the exact destination was, is now the subject of the investigation. "Due to the applicable hygiene regulations and distance rules due to the corona pandemic, everything is currently taking a lot longer", emphasized Ebermann.

Time and again, migrants are smuggled in refrigerated trucks in Europe from one country to another, sometimes with fatal consequences. In 2015, the bodies of 71 suffocated migrants were discovered in Austria in the airtight hold of a vehicle that had come from Hungary. In 2019, 39 dead Vietnamese who had been smuggled from Belgium were discovered in a refrigerated truck in Great Britain.

A violent confrontation caused a sensation in Leipzig: A video shows an inspector holding a passenger in a stranglehold on the floor, and passers-by worry about the man’s health. The incident has consequences. 

The police are investigating after an argument in front of a Leipzig tram on suspicion of bodily harm against an inspector of the Leipziger Verkehrsbetriebe (LVB) and a passenger whom he is said to have strangled.

The incident already occurred on Thursday evening, said a spokesman for the Leipzig police on Saturday.

According to the current state of investigation, a 28-year-old passenger and his 27-year-old companion were checked on the train without a ticket or ID. According to the LVB staff, they would have been "stubborn" restrained, said the police spokesman.

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City magazine employees filmed the incident

When they got off the train, there was a physical argument with the controllers. According to the information, a 56-year-old LVB employee held the 28-year-old in a stranglehold on the ground. A video made by employees of the city magazine "cruiser" was released on Friday evening and picked up by the media, is supposed to show the scene.

When the police arrived, the situation was already peaceful again, said the spokesman.

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The transport company announced on Friday evening that the LVB inspector had been released from duty with immediate effect. "Such an escalation, as the pictures in the video show, is not acceptable to us"It was said on Twitter.

Sources used: dpa news agency

A man disguised as a parcel delivery man attacked the house of a well-known US judge – and shot her son in the process. She herself remained unscathed in the attack. The police have now identified a suspect. 

A lawyer is suspected of the crime following the fatal firearms attack on the family of a US federal judge. The suspect’s body was found on Monday in New York State, the US Attorney’s Office announced. According to media reports, the lawyer Roy Den Hollander is said to have committed suicide.

The 20-year-old son of judge Esther Salas was killed in the attack on Sunday. Her husband was badly injured. Salas himself was apparently unharmed. According to information from the US media, the attacker came to Salas’ home in North North Brunswick, New Jersey, disguised as a parcel delivery.

The suspect described himself as a fighter against feminism

The suspect lawyer had described himself as a champion against feminism. According to US media, he launched various lawsuits in recent years that were directed against women’s issues. So he sued loudly "New York Times" Nightclubs for offering discounts for women, and Columbia University for its courses in women’s studies. On his website, Hollander called on men to "to fight for their rights before they run out".

Salas is currently presiding over a class action lawsuit brought by investors against Deutsche Bank. The plaintiffs accuse the bank of not having adequately monitored the financial activities of high-risk customers – including those of the convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, who, according to official reports, took his own life in a New York prison last year.

51-year-old Salas assumed the office of judge at the federal court of New Jersey after her nomination by then-President Barack Obama in 2010. She became the first federal judge with Latin American roots in the USA.

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Note: If you think a lot about your own death or worry about someone else, you will find help here immediately and anonymously.

Sources used: news agency afp

Oppenau (AP) – Still no trace of the man who is on the run with four stolen police pistols in the Black Forest: The police have stepped up their measures in the background, said spokesman Yannik Hilger about the wanted status on Wednesday. Therefore, fewer officials are to be seen.

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In Oppenau in the Ortenau district, prevention teams are out and about to advise people. The officers continued to monitor the area where the man could be. Special forces are also in use. A spokeswoman said there were around 200 officials in total.

At the same time the police are examining a possible one "manifest" of the 31 year old German. But it is not certain that the text actually came from the man, said Hilger. A political direction cannot be deduced from this, it is just one indication among many. The text primarily confirms the man’s affinity for the forest, said Hilger.

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Previously had "Bathing online" and the "picture"-Zeitung reports on the manifesto, which criticizes the mechanization of life and the simple life in the forest. "Baden-Online" had reported that the text had been deposited in a pub in Oppenau.

The 31-year-old without a permanent residence threatened four police officers with a firearm during a check in a garden shed he was illegally using on Sunday morning and forced them to drop their service pistols. Then he fled with the weapons in the impassable forest, in which he knows his way around well.

There is also no trace of the man who disarmed four police officers in Oppenau. The public prosecutor’s office has now announced that he was convicted of sedition as a youth.

According to the public prosecutor’s office, the allegedly highly dangerous fugitive in the Black Forest was convicted of sedition as a youth, among other things. At the age of 15 he changed the sign of a youth work by removing and adding letters so that the words "Jews gone" the public prosecutor’s office in Offenburg announced on Thursday.

Swastikas and SS symbols

In addition, a right-wing extremist sentiment was expressed during the stay in the youth organization, among other things through the use of swastikas and SS symbols as well as anti-Jewish statements. However, the investigators are currently not assuming that the now 31-year-old acted from a political background or belongs to the Reich citizen scene.

The eight-month suspended youth sentence was released after a phase in which he was not guilty of anything.